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A dog pregnancy can vary between 56 – 70 days. Typically, puppies should arrive about 63 days (just over 2 months) after conception.

AMERIE arrived at into care in Pasadena, Texas on October 17, 2022.  You can confirm this by the searching her name on the Pasadena Animal Advocates facebook page. Based on posts, Amerie was transported to All For The Dogs Rescue/puppy mill December 10, 2022.

Shawn Bacher (CEO of this rescue) confirmed and posted that unbeknownst to him, Amerie was pregnant when she arrived. If that was the case she would have been 54 days PREGNANT when she arrived and not showing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is true her babies wo
uld have been born within a week of arriving in Canada making her babies 6 months old. Does this puppy look 6 months old?


Actual post made by All For The Dogs Rescue-puppy mill on Ameries adoption picture on their FB page.

Amerie Nov 9 not pregnant.jpg


Amerie Update posted by D June 2023    (copied from another FB page)


(By an angel in disguise)

Please share….thx !!!!!



See link below, I have asked Ameri’s new Mum to please create an Amazon Wish list. She needs a lot of help. But this is where we step in !!!


Shawn Bacher runs ALL FOR THE DOGS

He is under severe public scrutiny about the conditions and the fact he is BREEDING.

Ameri - was a dog he brought up from the states - young female, unaltered.

He has been breeding her !!! Volunteers tried to get Ameri help. Provincial Animal Welfare (AWS) was called - they went - did virtually nothing.

Meanwhile…..Ameri is absolutely traumatized…..shaking, completely shut down, cowering.

Well, Ameri was rescued (aka adopted for $$$) yesterday by an angel.

Here is an update:

“She is extremely shut down, she wont eat drink or pee just shaking. I've centered off my room its quiet, I bathed her but I'm broken just looking at how broken she is”

I will keep everyone updated.

Just know, she is safe. She will never be harmed again !!!!!!

Amerie adoption people harrassing new mom highlight.jpg

Once Amerie was rescued from All For The Dogs Rescue 2023 this was posted on their facebook page. Stating that they had never posted the information about the "adopter" then stating that the adopter is being harrassed! 


How is that possible?  If only you and Shawn know the name of the adopter, how did they get the adopters names and contact information????

Darcy's Story 

This is a picture of Darcy (left) the day she was surrendered to All for the dogs Rescue/puppy mill in Cayuga. You can see she is a happy, healthy dog with no injuries.  A picture circulated of Darcy in a small crate with injuries to her nose only a couple weeks after she arrived.  It is believed that kennel fighting caused her injuries.

Darcy picture day of intake march 2023.jpg
Darcy comments re intake date March 2023.jpg

Darcy after only a few weeks with All For The Dogs Rescue/Puppy Mill

Puppies Sick with Giardia Allowed to Play With Children and Adult Volunteers  URGENT 

If you or your family were in contact with any puppies at this rescue and have not been well, please go to your family physician immediately and inform your medical provider you may have been exposed to Giardia.


Giardia is a tiny parasite (germ) that causes the diarrheal disease giardiasis. Giardia is found on surfaces or in soil, food, or water that has been contaminated with feces (poop) from infected people or animals.  Animals infected with Giardia can pass the disease to humans.

sick puppies with volunteers.jpg
All puppies at the rescue were sick with Giardia, the Malanois puppies and Amerie's puppies.  They were sick with diarrehea for weeks before the rescue was shut down by Animal Welfare Agents.

- What you should know

Dogs that arrive in care were not assessed - make sure the dog you are considering adopting is seen by a trainer to access their adoptability.

Darcy was surrendered due to dog aggression and almost killing another dog.  Without assessing Darcy, Shawn Bacher adopted her to a family with a dog.  It was actually another rescue who sent in a secret Angel to get Darcy away from All For The Dogs Rescue - Puppy Mill.


Dougie was surrendered by his family after biting 3 times.

Fury was surrendered by her family after she attacked the owners girlfriend putting her in the hospital with serious injuries.

Lulu nipped a volunteer

Betsy attempted to bite me on my last day at this place.  Shawn Bacher had to push her with his forearm 3 times as she jumped up at him.  Betsy was able to jump out of her kennel and had in fact escaped from the barn 3 times.

Two dogs are locked in small stall like kennels made from pressure treated wood which is toxic to dogs, having nothing but 4 wooden walls to look at day in, day out.


ApriI 2023 - I first heard about the rescue through social media and the hundreds of negative comments and calls for the rescue to be shut down.  Being who I am, I went to find out for myself.  What I found was concerning. 30+ dogs and puppies kept in a barn, side by side kennels with no enrichment, empty water dishes and little opportunity to run outside.

I decided to help this rescue because of the dogs.  If I could help bring this rescue up to Canadian Rescue Standard and best practices it would be win win for large dogs in Ontario.  Funding was provided to build an outdoor run area for the dogs, toys were purchased for enrichment and quality dog kibble was provided. 


Prior to my assistance, the dogs under the care of All For The Dogs Rescue were being fed raw “meat/fat”, a bag of which I took and cooked in my oven to see what it was.  I was appalled, it stunk my whole house up for a week.  All For The Dogs Rescue founder Shawn Bacher agreed not to feed the dogs and puppies raw meat, and along with Animal Welfare Services food and water protocols were put into place.  Inside the barn concrete was purchased to help with cleanliness and kennels were moved 12” apart from each other.  Dividers are still needed between the kennels to control barking and lunging, hopefully the rescue will find the funds to correct this issue.

Rescue dogs in the care of this rescue are not spayed or neutered due to financial constraints.  Dogs are not provided monthly flea and tick medications due to financial constraints.  Dogs continue to arrive under the care of this rescue and are housed in foster homes as Animal Welfare closed intake to the barn. Under Animal Welfare’s watchful eye all dogs were vaccinated, and the sick dogs were quarantined and treated for Giardia.  As of June 18, 2023, all dogs were cleared of Giardia.  Notice of Non-Compliance have been issued to this rescue that remain unresolved.

Seven of the dogs under the care of this rescue are the personal dogs of Shawn Bacher. Bacher refuses to spay or neuter the German Shepherds and Malinois he owns. There have been accusations of breeding. One volunteer confirmed she was asked by Bacher to sell the puppies on kijiji and he would give her a cut. “A win, win situation.”  (June 23 a former volunteer has come forward confirming that a dog named Scarlett was an unaltered stray and not from a dog fighting ring.  She was not pregnant when she arrived and was bred with Bachers unaltered male malanois).

After numerous conversations with Bacher regarding Canadian Rescue Standards and Best Practices, I am withdrawing my support for this rescue due to his refusal to follow standard care for the dogs.  He is of the opinion, which I heard again and again “no one tells me what to do” and “they are just jealous because of the dogs I help”.  

Last week there was a dog fight resulting in Bacher needing 11 stitches. I believe he is unable to take care for these dogs or clean their kennels currently.

The rescue has received notice that they must vacate the current premises at 76 Link Road in Cayuga by the end of September this year.  Let’s hope the new premises provide the dogs with the enrichment they need.

As animal lovers we try to help each other but you can only bang your head against a wall so many times before you must just walk away.

In His Own Words - Shawn Bacher - All For The Dogs Rescue

shawn selling dogs.jpg
Asking for dog food be sure to black out upc.jpg

If you donate food to this rescue, be sure to black out the UPC code so they cannot return it for $$.

AFTDR 2023 selling puppies


There is a lack of laws and enforcement in Ontario when it comes to animal protection. The good news is that the legitimate rescue community and have put together Canadian Rescue Standards and Best Practices which is availabe on line.  If you are looking for a legitimate rescue, ask them if they follow these standards.  Unfortunately as of July 2023, All For The Dogs Rescue - Puppy Mill does not follow these standards.  Hopefully with enough pressure from the community they will improve their standards and become part of the respected rescue community in Ontario.

It is a real shame since there is such a need for large dog rescues in Ontario, maybe Bacher will hear our plea to improve standards for his dogs and become part of the rescue community.  There could be so much help for the dogs in his care.  Come on Shawn, let the ego go, admit your mistakes and let us help you help them!!!

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