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IN THEIR OWN WORDS Shawn Bacher and Cindy Raymer

You cannot deny screeshots of posts and chats from their own mouth.  

What happens to a company that agrees to an adoption day on their premises.  In the case of Harley Davidson, Shawn Bacher posts an extremely rude rant because he was asked not to use their logo without permission.  My hat goes off to Harley Davidson for the way they handled Shawn Bacher

Posted publicly attacking a former volunteer  stating she is bipolar.  Shawn Bacher was obviously raised in a barn and has no understand or sensitivity when it comes to mental health.  Many of us have lost a loved one due to mental health issues, his comment is NOT OK.  You can tell him this is not ok at 705-994-3130. This is he cell phone number.  It is pay as you go.

bacher post re bipolar post June 24 2023  132pm Screenshot_20230624-132831_Facebook.jpg
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